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What have you observed during the daily swerve?

Even if the poor weather weathers you down a little bit, keep going with your regular skit and you’ll be ready to sun right back up in a bit. Don’t let Saturday have a poor saturation, instead have the inspiration to have the right contemplation and aspiration. Find the gold in what’s old, but also the hue of what’s new.






Stand what you can withstand with a helping hand and no demand.

Callie Joncas

A saturated Saturday!

If It’s a sunny day, and you already got your money for the day, you should live life your way and sail away on the funny strays of the day. Just remain sweet as honey, and hop to it fast like a bunny. So when the sunrise surprise comes faster than you realize, revitalize and idolize!

Even if the sundown drowns you in a frown, wear your brightest crown!

Callie Joncas





Hi hello ello

No matter what floats your boat, only gloat what promotes

Callie Joncas

Be ready to venture on a new adventure today as you find a way to make it through the grays and sways of May. Be wise with your compromise and don’t let the wrong advice scrutinize. Criticize to maximize, not to penalize. Even in the most sticky and icky situations, there’s a route for revelation. Invasion of the persuasion!

Grow the seed of the good deeds, not the seed of greed and let your good motives bleed! Plant a plant that will plant innovation, and when Its sunrise let the fun rise.

  • Run
  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Relax
  • Gaze
  • Stargaze
  • Wonder
  • Amaze







Your story of glory is ready to read out no doubt, and your words is what It’s all about, chose the “write” route?!

Piece together the pieces

Meow there, what’s mew with you today? Here I am with cat ears to clear your fears!

Hello mellow fellow!

Just picture yourself !