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Ready to sleep deep asleep?

Are you into the banana moves?

Or the red grooves?

Keep on waiting for the day to come, when you will become welcome. Open your arms and bring in no harm, keep your charm and get ready to operate your funny farm. Set your alarm and once you hear the ring-a-ling thing, use your spring and jump the swing fling!

A stale tale fails because it doesn’t have the wings of a fairy tale!

Callie Joncas

Happy “Choose”day!

Oh trees, bring me the glee of nature’s spree!

Going bananas a bunch??????

The fruit of cute always provides a fruity acute!

Callie Joncas

Nothing can attract more than the impact of an sweet act and an friendly pact, interact and counteract what distracts. Don’t get stuck in an hunch, instead ripen up a bunch and crunch n’ munch.

As winter starts to end It’s bend, the spring is going to follow as our upcoming new best friend. Follow the trend and find new warmth to send!

The fruits of life are bright ahead, ready to speed right ahead!






Put the str”awe” in the berry

One of my favorite little toys that I enjoy =-).

An strawberry squish-em thing, and It’s wishing you a very berry good day no matter the sway of your day. I even used it to inspire me on a writing assignment writing about the coloring pink, igniting me to think. Every time I squish, it is always amusement that i wish.