My first site displaying my art that starts from the heart, and many other things as well! Here are a few things this site is about without any doubt

  • Art

  • Heart

  • Care

  • Being aware

  • Dare

  • Dreams

  • Esteem

My name is Callie and I’ve come to expand my experiences to many realms far and wide in life with my wide creative horizons, my drive to create, my desire to draw, and my looming curiosity. My life started up in California and has stretched out to Illinois, I would say I’m the type of person to always give even the most unappealing things a try because I find I’ve never known until I tried.  New opportunities have come from new experiences. 

Some of my current interests are running, making food, drawing, cartoons, DNA, internet research, aliens, and cultures of the world. I also currently work at a restaurant and I’ve been taking random online classes to keep up my learning.

This site was created out of random inspiration from thinking of how to put my art and thoughts on board a new board. Below is what I’m most often inspired to draw.

  • Fairies
  • Ice cream
  • Cake
  • Characters
  • Cats
  • Asian food
  • Dolls
  • Chibis

Recent life stories with art:

Had some laugh at my card and writing idea, thought it was amusing.

Had my mom use my art to make cards for relatives

Had my sushi art put on a T-shirt

Had someone feel bad but excited about opening a gift wrapped in drawings.

And more tales lie ahead!

Made people deeply analyze an confusing yet detailed drawing with an llama on it

Used art to help design and build a dream book of my dreams

Recent ways I used art:

Turned Christmas drawings into cards with creative writing for others.

To illustrate my interest in an DNA app

To give thanks in a new way

To use as T-shirt art

As an commission

To give life to people I know in the form of an drawing

As gift wrapping

As bookmarks

As an cartoon about an amusing life event

To vent stress and frustration

To illustrate food nutrition

More uses coming….

When you think your idea isn’t ideal, then find and unseal the source of It’s appeal!

Here I am in a new photo, a new smile that takes a new style a whole new mile.

All the different elements of these streamers come to show my creativity, variety in life, and vast colorful experiences!

I’m also secretly hoping to save up to land a journey to the lands of my ancestors!

Me hallowing out a simple yet fun devilish costume last Halloween, me being the devil queen at work on the scene! With the horns and a bow to adorn, a new aura was born!
Call me or the chocolate Callie?
C this story about a C named after me?
Llama drama rama! My new friend to the end.

Can you picture this?

As an update in my life, I just started igniting with my writing doing an online writing course, I should start writing more to endorse!

Unleash your inner kitty cat, and act and react!
A pepped up peppermint milky shake!
Impassion llama fashion!
A dish of healthy wish!
Love has the power of a million flowers!
This ghost will be your host!
Gotta adorn an unicorn!
  • Persistence
  • Admiration
  • Strength
  • Soul
  • Ideas
  • Outlook
  • Noticeable
Could you live here??

What’s the impression of this expression?

A load on the sugar road!

Cafe time in a chime, what a rhyme!

^^^Impassion your passion!

This is a silly face that I probably hope to soon erase.
The cat is where It’s at!
Break fast beyond the past!
Berry very good friends to the end!

Put the cake in the pan already!

This poop has sure got the fashion scoop?

Eye C U

You’re Meowt of time!

Pink tree of glee!

Lick the blanket?

The cream dream team!

Picture the glaze blaze like a craze in a daze!

The pretz is on!

Jealous of gelato?

A kin of Shopkins!
Say hello to Hello Kitty!





Without a doubt, I’m also writing all about a coffee cup called Schupp, whose day always fills something up near her coffee cup.

Hatch em all of these Hatchimals!

Be your bea”U”tiful and bow-tiful self!

Every piece of the puzzle is puzzled, but give distractions a guzzle!

Callie Joncas
A spin on food for the mood =)

Things that are small can truly be tall if you see how the impact compares overall to the walls!

Callie Joncas