My portable portfolio

This page is about what makes me well, me!

Dethaw the power of what you draw! I believe that if you take part from deep in the heart, and approach with a new start anything can become an art!

Callie Joncas
  • Be smooth
  • Let your fingers groove
  • Soothe into a pencil move!
No hassle! Just enter into this sweet castle!

These above inspired by thoughts of health and an genetic app called Gini!

Being a fan of the app Gini, I think Gini should stand for Genetically Inspired Nutrition Innovation =).

A deep sleep is the way to keep bad dreams asleep, stress doesn’t impress, dine with iodine, and exercise without compromise!

Which drawing draws the most meaning for you?

Other images that showcase another interesting component of my interests!

My 23andme DNA results, filled with DNAzing components! An up-to-date update.

Anyways happy holidays, Christmas Eve Isn’t yet here to leave!

Below is some great new inspiration: Bookmarks formed from my artwork!

The pupped up puppy mania! And dog’s that deserve a blog.

Cooking with the cookie crew

Which cookie would you make, bake, and take?

Get stuffed!

The coffee zone

Turn your world reverse into the coffee universe!
Hit the heart at the loveliest part!

No more frowns with this crown in town!

Pan the cake, and you’ll never know what you’ll make!

Yummy gummy for my tummy!

The nice slice, don’t think twice!